Held on Tues 1st October 2019 –Stalmine Village Hall

1. Chairman welcomed all members present (42 members) & was opened with 1 minutes silence in remembrance of Graham Jackson.

2. Apologies Steve Mitchell, Terry Robinson, Brian Jackson, Mathew Jackson, Daniel Jackson

3. Minutes from last AGM accepted as a true record: no matters arising: Proposed Peter Abbott, Seconded: Chris Wolfenden

4. Chairman’s Address: Jeff thanked Dave & Henry for their work during last year and summarised the events held over the past year in particular emphasising the inter-section involvement & proposing we increase our support of neighbouring sections next year.

5. Secretary’s report : Currently active membership of 74 and we have attracted 6 new members and 7 former members have returned to join us once again. We held the Ghost Bikes “Joint Section Mtg” in Preston - a major success. Lytham Hall show and the Wrea Green field day display were equally successful and a great platform for showing our section to the public and highlighting that the VMCC does officially cater for bikes right up to 1994. The section were in attendance at the recent Festival of Motorcycling in the Isle of Man with Richard once again scooping the awards. Lastly, we now have an “on line” newsletter. If you do have an e-mail address and are not receiving the newsletter then e-mail Henry and he will ensure that you are on the list.

6. Treasurer’s report: Chris Wolfenden summarised the financial report: Bottom line £821.21 Grahams memorial donation £400 Debits: Guest speaker / Christmas meal / Blood Bikes donation

7. Chairmans Statement: Circumstances over the past weeks dictated that Jeff summarise the history of VMCC: Formed in 1946 for motorcycles manufactured before Dec 1930. All makes were catered for & in 1966 the 1930 rule was broadened to include all motorcycles over 25 years old & also it was not necessary to own one just have an interest. This 25 year eligibility was ratified at the 2017 AGM. This means that if you own a 25yr + motorcycle you can enter any vmcc event in the country (if regs allow - some events are regulated eg girder fork or pre 1930 etc). As Sections are autonomous however younger motorcycles are free to enter at the organisers discretion. BLACKPOOL SECTION HAS OPERATED AN OPEN ENTRY POLICY SINCE ITS INCEPTION & WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR THE MAJORITY OF EVENTS. Jeff also pointed out that as vmcc membership is now virtually 100% we will be insisting on vmcc members on vmcc sanctioned events for 2020.

8. Election of Committee for 2018/2019: Jeff proposed as Chairman by Chris Anderton, seconded by Alex Graham; elected unanimously. Jeff then proposed as a block committee: Henry Gregson as Secretary, Chris Wolfenden as Deputy Secretary, Steve Mitchell as Treasurer, Dave Hinton as Deputy Treasurer, Albert Risley as Social Secretary Seconded by Alex Graham all elected unanimously.

9. Charity for 2019 – Agreed to be NW Air Ambulance

10. 2020 Programme of Events : General discussion & agreed similar runs to current year but will include more cross section involvement. Show support as current year but may increase presence at the Lytham Green BVPG show more details next year. Over winter period will try to get short notice ad hoc events as weather allows.

11. Club Awards

a. Bike of the Year: Geoff Nuttall: Velocette

b. Runner up: Steve Fairchild : BSA

c. Club Member of the Year: Chris Anderton

d. Mechanic of the Year : Colin Hindle

e. Graham Jackson Trophy: Jeff presented the Trophy to Henry Gregson

12. Chairman closed the meeting with thanks to the members for attending